Hello, Sanibonani, Cia, Walaykum As-salaam, Zdravo, I’m Samantha West.

West Curated Travel formerly South Africa Travel and Tours was borne 9 years ago out of my intense love for travel to all places exotic and unusual. What many of you don’t know is that I have a fear of flying that started 20 years ago. Crazy right! I opted to venture into the travel industry sometimes embarking on close to 15 flights a year for many reasons.

Firstly, my love of travel and seeing the world outside of my bubble, meeting new people, experiencing a different culture, and enjoying one of a kind experiences throughout the world is greater than my fear!

I knew that I had to use my expertise in putting together not just an itinerary but an amazing travel itinerary that is carefully thought out so that you don’t have to worry about the finer details. I take care of selecting the perfect hotel whether it be in the heart of the vineyard in South Africa, or a rustic villa in Tuscany or a Berber tent in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Lastly, I chose not to give into my fear so that my kids have the opportunity to see the world and have a broader world perspective.



My journey of discovery and love of travel started 23 years, I took a leap into the unknown by leaving my job, studies, family, and friends to leave my home country of South Africa solo for the very first time. While it was a bit nerve-wracking at the time, those feelings of doubt became history pretty fast. Before I knew it, the trajectory of my life was forever changed. With little money and no modern-day technology, I traversed my way solo through France, Germany, England, and the Netherlands — discovering new cities and connecting with people from all walks of life along the way. Life was never the same after.

Upon returning home nearly a year later, I knew I had to apply my newfound love for travel to South Africa. My determination took me to every unique corner of the country. I wouldn’t settle for ordinary, either.

Safari lodges, local country markets, wine estates, upmarket hotels — I conquered the famous sights and also the most secluded, remote areas of South Africa.

Soon enough, South Africa Travel and Tours was born and evolved to West Curated Travel. I began curating experiences to enable others to feel the same joy from travel that had captivated me.

journey of self discovery

From venturing on my own to vacationing as a newly married couple, followed by becoming a family with kids — my relationship with travel has evolved as much as my identity has.

I cherish the opportunity to plan itineraries for people in all different stages of life, as I can relate to most. As a South African Mamma who started traveling with my kids as young as 18 months, I’ve learned a thing or two about traveling with kids in tow.

Our family has grown even closer and connected as we’ve been fortunate to navigate many different countries together. Regardless of whether you’re single, happily married, or raising a family of 5… I assure you, I can relate in some way!

I can’t wait to learn more about you and help you plan your best vacation ever!!

love of travel

Travel is my love language. My suitcase is usually packed, and I'm usually on an adventure of some kind. My favorite place is Italy!


Italy captured my heart like no other country has. I have often asked myself why Italy and the simple answer is that I long for the simple things in life. A cup of coffee in the piazza , watching the town residents set up their vegetable stands and people connecting with each other while they go about their business. I feel a sense of peace when I am in Italy!

dreams of retiring
in italy

I have a slight obsession with cleaning and ensuring everything in my house is organized. My motto: everything has its place! However, my husband will agree there is one place that my cleanliness has and never will apply and that is my vehicle that I drive. I wonder if that is a woman thing !

loves to clean & organize

5 years ago we adopted two Russian Siberians and they have captured my heart. They have become my third child!

love of cats

 I would highly recommend Samantha West for your travel arrangements in South Africa. My husband and I had a fabulous experience when we visited Capetown, Kruger and Victoria Falls last summer. Samantha paid attention to every detail-she arranged all of our transportation-air and land and put us in lovely hotels. The trip was amazing and I would not hesitate to use Samantha again for any future trips to Africa.

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Rosenblum

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Hello Samantha- we’re back from our trip after a long journey. The trip was fantastic. Your recommendations were excellent and all the logistics were flawless. 

 Thanks for thiS!

The Katz Family 

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I just wanted to drop you a little note to say THANK YOU!! I so enjoyed Italy - it was truly the trip of a lifetime! Everything was wonderful and the hotels were fabulous. I really appreciate all the care you took to ensure we all had a great time and I'm looking forward to hearing about more tours in the future.

Ciao! Kristin

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Thank You for making our excursion the best we’ve ever had. That includes intervening with the airlines trying to resolve the whereabouts of a piece of luggage. We just want to send a note of thanks for our utmost appreciation for everything that you did to help make our very first Safari memorable.   

Thank You Cathy

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We found Samantha West to be an incredible travel agent, she suggested interesting places to visit on our trip to several countries and then followed up with detailed planning regarding connections, stays and excursions. Unbeknownst to us at the time she was in contact with local agents who provided services while we were visiting, and made sure things went smoothly(they did).

Louise D

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Ruth Ann and I want to thank both of you for a wonderful trip. It was an excellent experience and it will truly last a life time. We want to particularly thank you for your aid and assistance during my sickness. We would not have been able to confront the situation without your help. We will recommend your agency to any and all. We hope to avail ourselves of your services again in the future. You have our best wishes for continued success.

Sincerely, Chris Brown

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This was a trip of a lifetime. In my opinion, you and your staff provided first class service. My family and a few friends are upset they didn’t have this experience. As a result, they’ve been insisting that I plan something soon for them. Please know that once I’m ready, I wouldn’t consider utilizing anyone other than you


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Thank you so much for all that you did on our trip. I had a awesome time and I look forward to returning soon. I truly appreciate the extra mile that you took to be there and help in every situation as needed and taking time away from your family. Please thnk them for me as well for sacrificing time away from you. You are great and I look forward to using your great skills for future events for my friends and I. Thank you again and I pray that you have a great weekend.

Thank you, Grace Davis 

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