Hello, Sanibonani, Cia, Walaykum As-salaam, Zdravo. I’m Samantha West, owner and founder of West Curated Travel.

West Curated Travel (formerly South Africa Travel and Tours) was inspired by my passion for travel– from easily accessible places to the most unusual destinations on earth. Despite my fear of flying (yes, really!), my travel portfolio expands every year. I’ve lived in and traveled extensively through Europe, been on many safaris, sailed the Aegean, and stayed in luxurious Caribbean hotels.  Nothing can contain my wanderlust. In 2013, I launched West Curated Travel so I could share my intense love of travel–and the amazing things I’ve discovered on my trips around the globe—with you. 

You’re reading this because you love to travel, too. What is it that makes travel so exciting? For me, it’s about getting out of my comfort zone, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures. Whether you see yourself sipping the finest wine in a South African vineyard, sleeping under the stars in the Sahara Desert, or waking up in a rustic villa in Tuscany, I use my expertise to hand-craft a trip that matches your personal travel style. 

As a mother and wife, I cherish the opportunity to plan itineraries for people in all different stages of life. I’ve traveled as a solo female, as a couple with my husband, and as a family with my kids. Regardless of your situation, I assure you, I can get you to where you want to go.



West Curated Travel originally focused on my home-country of South Africa. My determination to experience it all took me to every unique corner of the country. Fast forward to today, and I know South Africa like the back of my hand. The most luxurious safari lodges, the best local markets, the wine estates, the posh hotels–I’ve seen it all. Using the connections I made on my own travels, I began curating trips around South Africa for others, and voilà–West Curated Travel was born. 

The beginning

West Curated Travel is growing. We expanded our trip-planning services to worldwide locations in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. We do more than plan trips to these locations–we plan experiences. If you’re interested in history and culture, we’ll cater your trip to feature UNESCO sites, food tours, and locally-led day-trips. Dreaming of lounging on white sand under a swaying palm tree and splashing in clear tropical water? We can make that a reality. Eager to view the spellbinding nature of Africa up close? You’re in the right place. In desperate need of a getaway with your best girlfriends? We’ll plan a trip you’ll be talking about for years to come.


Dr. and Mrs. Edward Rosenblum

" I would highly recommend Samantha West for your travel arrangements. My husband and I had a fabulous experience when we visited Capetown, Kruger and Victoria Falls last summer. Samantha paid attention to every detail. She arranged all f our transportation, air and land and put us in lovely hotels. The trip was amazing and I would not hesitate to use Samantha again for any future trips."



and help you plan the vacation of your dreams.