Choose Your Perfect Destination

Experience a travel adventure and a one of a kind vacation!

As a lifelong traveler, I have discovered so many amazing countries that I would love to showcase to the world. My biggest challenge has been narrowing down my selection to a few countries that would resonate deeply with my travelers and provide a unique experience.

As you can imagine from the name of my company, South Africa has a special place in my heart. It is unique in that it draws you into its magic and does not let go!

My heart yearns for the warmth of the South African people who are kind and genuine, it yearns for the breathtaking vistas that each province has to offer, the quality of food that is unmatched, the wineries that can compete on the world stage, and the safaris that warms your heart and calms your soul.

These are just a few of many aspects that I love about South Africa and that entices travelers to come back time and time again.

For someone looking to gain an introduction to South Africa then I would highly recommend including a visit to Boulders beach where you will come face to face with those adorable penguins.

If you asked my kids what some of their highlights were their highlight of the trip it would certainly be the penguins and of the course a safari. A safari adventure is a must for anyone visiting South Africa. For someone that has been on approximately 70 safari drives nothing has come quite close to this amazing experience.

Early morning sunrises, open vehicle jeeps, hot coffee and rusks in the middle of the savanna, zebras grazing in the field, antelopes pouncing as they hear the roar of the safari jeeps. Life couldn't get any better when you are one with nature. For wine lovers, Stellenbosch and Franschoek are wine paradise.

Enjoy wine tasting with a twist, hop on to a bike, or for those who are a little more adventurous take a segway tour or an open-air wine safari. Reconnect with yourself doing yoga on top of Cape Town’s Table Mountain — there’s something for everyone in South Africa.

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If you are ever looking for a country to immerse yourself in its culture, then Morocco is the place. Welcome to the Sahara Desert. Berber villages nestled high in the Atlas Mountains offer a one-of-a-kind glimpse into Moroccan history, whereas the bustling souks of Marrakech immerse you right into the energetic, present-day soul of the country.

Between fragrant spices, leather, oils, and plenty of handcrafted silver goods — you’ll be captivated by all that the markets have to offer.

Morocco is a land of beautiful contrasts. Stargazing at night camps and romantic seaside resorts are just the start when it comes to Morocco’s magic. Here, you can spend your days riding camels at sunset together or perhaps try your best at Essaouira’s water sports, such as kite surfing.

With easy access from both Europe and the United States, this getaway feels oh-so far away yet remains quite easy to get to in just under 6 hours.


If there’s one thing that surprised me about Italy, it’s how the experiences cater perfectly to both kids and adults alike. I held off on visiting due to having young children, and wow, was I wrong! My only regret is that I didn’t go much sooner. Italy is where laid-back relaxation meets history, culture, and of course — some of the world’s best food.

Regardless of whether you choose traditional trattorias or family-friendly fine dining, you’ll be met with hospitality that’s warmer than the Mediterranean sun. Even the pickiest eaters will be accommodated. I know my kids fall into that category. Besides, who doesn’t love pizza and pasta, anyway? Consider it one less thing to worry about.

Cobblestone streets steeped in rich history coupled with awe-inspiring sightseeing are a classic part of every Italian vacation. What lies beyond the guidebook recommendations, however, is what really makes this country special.

Should you crave the sea instead of cities, you can soak your feet in the blue waters of storybook-like towns like Sardinia, Sicily, or Cinque Terre. Laze about a private cabana on the waters of Forte de Marmi as the kids enjoy the beach; you’ll get the best of both worlds. It’s easy to hop from city to countryside in no time, thanks to Italy’s comfortable rail system and relatively short distances. Italy is a dream-and-a-half just waiting to be explored.


Picture yourself sipping a morning coffee with striking views of Dubrovnik’s old town, backed by the jewel-blue waters of the Adriatic coastline. Do you feel the stress of work, family commitments, children slowly dissipate. I know I did! Croatia is one of those countries that has something for everyone in the family from,

Food lovers, you’ll revel in farm-to-table food and drink at some of Europe’s finest wine estates. Family-owned, secluded restaurants away from the tourist buzz are my go-to inclusion for travelers in Croatia, and they’ve always received rave reviews.

Sightseeing, yacht cruises, island hopping, and sunset dinners on secluded beaches are a few of the aquatic delights that Croatia has to offer. That’s right — yachts! With over 1200 nearby islands to explore, it’s your time to shine. The choice might seem overwhelming, but fear not, I’ve got you covered on which remote island paradise is the very best for your tastes.

Love it so much that you want to stay onshore in a private villa? We can do that. Truffle hunting, island-hopping, Unesco heritage sights so much to offer that it’s actually quite difficult for me to compose a summary.

Now, imagine how exciting that becomes when you visit in real life…back on land, they’re exclusive as can be, oftentimes closed to the public for your own privacy and enjoyment.

Since each region of Croatia has completely different offerings, I’ll tailor your itinerary based on your individual passions.