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West Curated Travel handcrafts trips that cater to your exact needs, wants, and specifications. We focus on individualized and small group travel to ensure our travelers are taken care of from start to finish. 

Small group travel is becoming an increasingly popular way to travel in 2021 and beyond.  At West Curated Travel, we see the benefits of small group tours and are proud to offer the best group travel options to our customers. These are the 8 benefits of small group travel you can look forward to when you book with us:

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Small group travel removes the stress of trip logistics so you can focus on what’s really important; enjoying yourself! West Curated Travel takes care of everything from airport transfers, daily activities and tours, meals, and accommodation. The added bonus of booking a group tour with us is knowing that we’ll stay on top of the ever-changing Covid-19 travel restrictions, physical distancing protocols, and sanitation requirements. Travel worry-free and let us take care of all the details. 

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Want to spend an extra half hour at the vineyard or linger over dinner? No problem. How about checking out that shop that piqued your interest or swinging past that historic monument that caught your eye? Sure thing. Small group tours are more flexible and can accommodate customers on the fly while larger groups tend to stick to a fixed schedule. We believe that small group travel is all about YOU. That’s why we always invite our guests to help design their experience. 

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Insider access
When you have the hook-up for the best eateries and the least touristy attractions, suddenly your visit transforms from a run-of-the-mill trip into one you won’t soon forget. Thanks to resident guides and suppliers that are vetted by yours truly, you’re automatically privy to a world usually reserved for locals when you book group travel with West Curated Travel. Prepare to see your destination through the eyes of someone who really knows what makes it special — the people who live there!

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Travel with group tours means your trip can be customized and tweaked exactly to your liking. Individualized attention, intimate experiences, and genuine interactions are all perks when you ditch the big tour groups and travel light. Imagine truffle hunting in Croatia with a personal guide or being led through the Sahara Desert by a private entourage of camels. These are just a few of the benefits of individualized small group travel.  

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Make new friends for life
Large tours do tend to be less expensive than hand-crafted small group tours, but it’s not necessarily better to go with the cheaper options. It’s harder to connect with the destination and the other travelers when you’re part of a large group tour with too many people packed into one place. The best group trips happen when you’re with like-minded travelers who enjoy the same activities, style, and pace that you do. The goal is not only to enjoy your trip, but return home having made lifelong connections with your fellow travelers. That’s exactly what you get when you book with West Curated Travel

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We live in a time where small groups feel more comfortable than large groups and packed venues no longer hold the appeal they once did. Small group tours allow you to travel with only the people in your “bubble” or with a few other travelers in a small group setting. This allows all travelers to feel more safe and secure. 

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The best of both worlds
Small group travel with West Curated Travel offers the convenience of a pre-planned trip with the flexibility you’d expect from a trip planned exclusively for you. Organized tours are great because all the planning is done for you, enabling you to relax and enjoy your holiday stress-free. The downside of large tours, however, is following the rigid schedule set to keep the tour on track. West Curated Travel’s small group tours take care of the logistics which removes the stress of planning, while also allowing the freedom to deviate from the plan, spend more time on certain things you like, and change your plans if another opportunity arises. These are perks that large group tours just can’t accommodate.  

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Support on the ground
Your well-being is our priority. All our travelers can sleep easy knowing they have 24/7 support on the ground during their travels. That means we’ll be there if you get sick, injured, or need any sort of emergency assistance or translation services.

8 Benefits of Small Group Travel


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