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South Africa, Morocco, Tanzania, Thailand, Greece (Crete), Italy

Family-friendly activities are boundless in South Africa. Engage with different cultures by sampling the local food, learning about South Africa’s colorful history, and discovering the largest art museum on the continent. Experience the abundant nature and wildlife with a boat cruise to Seal Island to spot Cape Fur Seals and African Penguins, or drive to the Cape Town suburb of Noordhoek and horseback ride along the tranquil sandy shores. It’s impossible to get bored here!

Water and beach-loving families will find an abundance of ways to enjoy Thailand. Stick to the coast and everyday can be spent under the shade of a palm tree with your toes in the sand. Shallow, off-the-beach snorkeling guarantees encounters with a plethora of tropical marine life, and family kayak and SUP board adventures are great bonding experiences. Quad bike jungle tours and elephant interactions at one of the country’s ethical sanctuaries are sure to get two thumbs up from the kids!

History and architecture (think: Colosseum, Pantheon, Rome’s “Wedding Cake” building, the Vatican) are so intertwined in Italy, even the kids will want to learn about the country’s fascinating past. And no one will complain about refueling with pizza and gelato after a day of touring Rome’s best attractions. You can even take a pizza making class and learn how to make real Italian pizza! Or opt to take your family out of the city to explore the countryside, cycle the walls of Luca, and play on the sandy shores of Tuscany.

Your family will never forget the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of witnessing 2 million wildebeest, zeba, and gazelle traverse the Serengeti during The Great Migration. You’ll also have the chance to encounter large game animals in Masai Mara, gain a new perspective with a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti while you marvel at the 12,000 square miles of unspoiled natural ecosystem. There’s no better vacation than Tanzania for a family who appreciates nature and wildlife. 

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