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One of the best parts of traveling abroad is trying new food. South Africa is full of unique and delicious cuisine that will make you want to travel there again and again.

Here are a few things you should try on your next holiday.

Cape Malay Curry : When the Dutch and French settled in Cape Town in the 17th century, they brought spices from India, Indonesia and Malaysia along with traditional cooking methods. This dish combines the best they brought with local produce and ideas. This curry is a strong combination of cinnamon, saffron, turmeric and chili that always keeps you wanting more. It is typically made with chicken and served with yellow rice and is always delicious. If you can’t wait till your vacation, try making it at home.



Chakalaka: A dish that is as good to eat as it is fun to say. Chakalaka is a vegetable dish made with onions, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, beans and spices. Most often it is served cold. With spices like curry powder and garlic, expect it to be on the slightly spicy side.


Bobotie: Thought to be a dish brought in by Asian settlers, Bobotie is now the national dish. It is cooked in homes and in many restaurants. Minced meat is simmered with spices and dried fruit then topped with a mixture of egg and milk, think scrambled eggs. The whole dish is them baked until set. Bobotie is even made vegetarian or with lamb meat. If you feel up to the challenge, you can make your own!


Food You’ll Want to Try in South Africa


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