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Guga S Thebe

Guga S’Thebe is a community at its heart: A combination of partnerships, community participation, and social integration. The space offers a platform for local artists and various initiatives for the community, ranging from children’s music lessons to group gatherings. Upon first step into the colorfully-mosaicked center, you’ll be greeted by a flurry of unique arts, lively ambiance, and South African hospitality. This public space brings communities together across a variety of creative mediums ranging from drumming performances to innovative and sustainable design.

With its location in the township of Langa, it’s easily accessible from Cape Town’s city center, taking only about 15 minutes by car. Here’s what you can enjoy during an afternoon visit to the center.

Guga S Thebe

Arts & Crafts for Sale

Guga S’Thebe is home to several unique, local artisans who are residents of the township. Take your time meandering around the crafter spaces, looking over various works ranging from pottery, beaded art, sewn products, and mosaic works. With six active and tenanted studio spaces, it’s like visiting an art museum and a local market in the same swoop. Experiencing the center is included as a part of visiting the township.

Guga S Thebe community

Live Musical Performances

Not only does the center offer drumming lessons for kids — it also hosts live performances of percussion, making you want to learn the art of dancing to the beat. Whether you’re ready to roll for a concert or just want to check out the schedule, it’s a worthwhile activity to check up on while you’re in town.

south african artisans

Innovative and Sustainable Design

On top of all other unique aspects that make Guga S’Thebe what it is, the physical design of the space is one to take note of while visiting. You wouldn’t normally think of wooden crates, shipping containers, and straw as traditional building materials for the present day, but here, they’re what makes the building so special. With sustainability in mind, the center has been crafted in an eco-friendly manner that is also aesthetically pleasing. Call it a win-win!

A visit to the center supports unity and collaboration in Cape Town, regardless of individual background or history. Care to work the center into your itinerary? Just let us know!

Guga S’Thebe: A Cultural Center with Ideas for Progress


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