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Hiking trails are the best way to get outside and explore South Africa’s wonderful scenery. As one of the world’s biggest hiking destinations, you’ll find trails for every level of experience. With 1000 registered routes along rivers or up mountains, you’ll be certain to find your perfect route for you.

Many people tend to believe hiking should be saved for those who truly live outdoors or have lots of experience. That is not the case in South Africa, where there are numerous options for beginners. We’ve picked out a few beginner level hikes to explore on your next vacation.

Hiking through the Celcilia Forest is a great option for beginners. The area is trailed and most of it is flat and easy to navigate. The scenery is rich with Waboom and Silvertree, perfect for taking pictures and exploring nature. If you feel confident in your footing, make your way down to Cecilia Forest Waterfall.


Instead of hiking on a trail try a guided bush walk. An armed guide and tracker lead you and your group into the wilderness, teach you about the area and what to do and not do if you ever came across an angry rhino. Look into Kruger National Park for this option.



If you are unconfident hiking alone or in your group, look into tours. There are groups in South Africa that do guided hikes. These groups label each hike based on fitness level and terrain so you can be sure it fits your level. There are even ones to bring kids on!

South African Hikes for Beginners


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