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I could go on and on about what makes South Africa so special—but I don’t think you came here to read a full-scale novel, so I’ll bring it down to six top reasons. Whether its random acts of kindness among South Africans or our globally influenced culinary scene, it seems I just can’t stop gleaming […]


One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to travel more, and what better way to fulfill that sense of winter wanderlust than with a spectacular vacation in South Africa? Blessed by a mild sub-tropical climate, stunning coastline, majestic mountain ranges and the varied landscape of no less than 8 major geographical regions, this […]

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The ‘best’ time of year to visit South Africa depends entirely on what you would like to see during your visit. South Africa has a number of activities for travelers to enjoy year round. Find the season in South Africa that’s right for you with this overview of each season’s benefits and tour highlights. Most […]

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