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Last week the price of the Rand, South Africa’s currency, fell to record breaking numbers. This drop in the Rand makes traveling abroad extremely affordable. Right now 1 USD equals 16.76 ZAR. With a little research or the right travel agency, you can find general pricing on hotels, attractions and meals. Cape Town is one of the most sought after destinations in South Africa. 

With the current exchange rate, a 5-star hotel in Cape Town could cost as little as $150 a night!


If you want to be adventurous, now is the most economical time to do it. A shark diving experience costs about R1600 which would only be $98. Just imagine all the fear, excitement and wonder you can get for under $100. If your adrenaline is still pumping continue on with a zip lining canopy tour. At roughly R450 a person, you can sail through the trees and take in a whole new view of South Africa for only $27.


If you’d rather spend time in South Africa exploring the history and culture, the Rand depreciation will benefit you too. One of the most popular museums to see is the Apartheid Museum, covering the 20th century in the country and the affects it had on the people and how they still deal with the after effects today. Price of admission is R75 or $4.50. Not that you can put a price on history, but that sure is a good one.

Sound enticing? We sure think so!

Now’s the time to travel to South Africa!


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