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As our previous post highlighted, the Rand has dropped significantly in relation to the dollar. South Africa has been growing in popularity among tourists over the past few years and this new economic shift will only increase that. January, with everyone’s personal resolutions, is the time to look ahead to the whole of 2016. With that, it is a great time to plan vacations. But before you start, let’s look at the Top 5 Travel Trends for 2016!

1. Complete that bucket list!

People have become more and more daring. They use vacation time as adventure time rather than relaxation time. South African experiences like shark diving are sure to see an increase in 2016 as the need to fuel the public’s adrenaline addiction grows. Safaris, balloon rides, and other “once in a lifetime” experiences will top the popularity charts too. Tourists flock to these types of attractions because of humanity’s ‘do-or-die’ impulse and so they will have unique stories to share back home.

2. Soak up the rays!

Those who still want to relax will be drawn to the best beaches South Africa has to offer. Many of these travelers will be over 50 and looking to just enjoy a time without work or stress.

3. Vacation for 1 please!

A new trend in travel is traveling alone. Many do so because their partner is unavailable or they are fulfilling a lifelong travel dream. It may seem scary traveling alone, but as long as you’re prepared you’ll have a great time. If you are nervous about it, we suggest taking a safari that would allow you to travel in a larger group. It would give you the secure feeling of being with other while still allowing you to travel on your own.

4. Giving Back!

Many are now choosing to spend parts of their vacation volunteering or giving back to charities in the area. While visiting many of the preserves, you can donate towards conservation. Local charities will allow you to donate your time for a day in an orphanage. You can also look into traveling with a volunteer group. It’s a great way to see the country and help those in need at the same time.

5. Save over spend!

Budget is one of the most synonymous words with vacation. Everyone wants to go on vacation but always questions how to afford it. There are many ways especially in South Africa to have an unforgettable experience without breaking the bank. The current exchange rate between the Rand and Dollar make this even more possible. Hotels, experiences, and food can all be accommodated at your budget. It may require some research but it will be worth it! If you were thinking of a safari, we offer a ‘Safaris on a budget’ package that you can learn about here


Top 5 Travel Trends for 2016


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