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Mpumalanga, whose name means “the place where the sun rises”, is only slightly larger than the Czech Republic. Sitting on high plateaued grasslands, it borders Mozambique and Swaziland. The 4 million people that reside here speak mainly siSwati, the language of Swaziland.


Though Mpumalanga may be the second smallest province, it does not lack in experiences. When traveling here be sure to stop by the Blyde River Canyon, the third largest canyon in the world! The majestic scenery consisting mostly of red sandstone does not disappoint. The highest point, Mariepskop, is 6,388 ft above sea level while the lowest point is 1,841 ft above sea level; Making the canyon around 4,537 ft deep. Be sure to pack your hiking shoes and a camera to explore the canyon and the 1000 flora species that thrive there.


Be sure to stop by the Lowveld Botanical Gardens while in Mpumalanga. Everyone back home will be envious when you tell them how you explored waterfalls and wildlife, all while learning about the clivia flower and baobab tree. The Garden boasts one of the largest collections of South African fig trees and played a pivitol role in establishing the cycad gene bank. Mpumalanga is a great place to learn and explore the outdoors!



Exploring Mpumalanga


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