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UnknownHome to some of the most recognizably named cities in South Africa, Gauteng is the smallest of all provinces. Here you will find the cities of Pretoria and Johannesburg. These popular urban centers attribute to Gauteng having the largest population and highest per capita income.


Gauteng is the site of the Cradle of Humankind, one of South Africa’s eight Unesco heritage sites.  You’ll find one of the highest concentrations of hominid fossils in the entire world in Gauteng. These fossils show evidence of human evolution over the past 3.5 million years!


When you visit this province be sure to check out the Johannesburg Zoo. The zoo has many modern animal exhibits and educational centers. While you are there, ask about the zoo’s efforts in animal conservation. You can even symbolically adopt your favorite animal by donating to the Joburg Zoo’s animal welfare programme. For $18, you’ll receive a cap, zoo passes, photograph and personalized certificate. If you want a truly unique experience, look into the Zoo Snooze. You’ll be able to enjoy an overnight campout at the Joburg Zoo, a behind the scenes tour, a night tour and a bonfire!


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